XCalibur Square Lip & One Knocker Crankbaits

Ever since Pradco discontinued their line of XCalibur hard baits, fishermen across the country have been scrambling for the original Square Lip crankbaits and One Knocker lipless crankbaits. Nothing quite delivered like the One Knocker, this was a hard bait that produced a sound pattern that would attract predators from hundreds of feet away. With an in-depth color design as well, you had one killer hard bait that worked awesome on both smallmouth and largemouth bass. While Pradco merged the XCalibur name with Booyah, there's fishermen out there that want the original brand of bait with the original colors and super sharp hooks.

The same goes for the Square Lip crankbaits which you can no longer find at any fishing store. I loved the Square Lip because you could fish it in rivers, inland lakes, and ponds where other crankbaits would get stuck. The XCalibur Square Lip crankbait just dived deep enough where it would scrape across the tips of weeds, boulders, and other structure. This was a crankbait I counted on when it came to tournament fishing, it's just too bad XCalibur hardbaits are nowhere to be found anymore. Until now!!! Through our eBay feed here on Fishing-Lures.org, we're able to update you with the lastest XCalibur crankbaits going up for sale online, from both used and new rare XCalibur crankbaits that you can no longer find anymore. Just check back often, because we're always updating our feed with rare and vintage XCalibur crankbaits that are super hard to find.

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