Terminator Spinnerbait

Beveled blades and flexible wire make the T1 Titanium Terminator an indestructible yet effective spinnerbait for bass fishing. A lot of the technology comes from fishermen who've been bass fishing with spinnerbaits for decades. Having a spinnerbait that will withstand a beating it, banging it off of rocks and docks, yet still spinning consistently in the water is a big selling point for fishermen. I can't tell you how many times I've hooked spinnerbaits on ropes and docks, then I ended up snapping off the hook or bending the wire on the spinnerbait. No longer do you have to worry about that with a Terminator Spinnerbait, this bad boy is meant to last. Lets face it, all spinnerbaits are pretty much the same when mimicking forage in the water, but the one's the perform consistently and last a long time make them stand out from the rest. T1 Titanium Terminator Spinnerbait never disappointing!

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