Strike King Jigs

Designed with the professional bass fisherman in mind, Strike King has designed the ultimate jig for throwing under heavy cover. Just about anyone can use these Strike King jigs, even the most amateuer fisherman who don't know squat. Dig big bass out of downed trees, big rocks, and even under docks where there's lots of weeds. Strike King uses nothing but the best hooks and guards to make their jigs withstand a pounding, these jigs will withstand any fish attack or the hardest structure you throw it at. Each Strike King jig are made with Gamakatsu hooks so when you miss setting the hook, you still get away with landing that lunker. These Strike King jigs are set out to do one thing, catch big bass and lots of them. Some of the best tournament fishermen around use them, even Kevin VanDam himself. Take your skills to the next level with Strike King Hack Attack Jig, which is my favorite!

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