Potential State Record Spotted Bass Released

What could of been the new spotted bass state record for North Carolina, was released by Fred Stepp at Lake Summit. It was the biggest spotted bass of his life, weighing over 10 pounds, it's said the fish would of dwarfed the current state record of only 6.5 pounds. But because some things are more important than state records, Stepp decided to released this beautiful bass back into the water.

At one point he did have the spotted bass in his live well and called the NCWRC to find if someone could certify the fish. But after seeing the fish struggling in the livewell, he decided to release her, he said "I’d rather have that fish's genetics continue in the lake than set a new state record." Now is that one unselfish angler or what!

Fred Strepp was prefishing an upcoming tournament when he caught this record bass on a 6.5 Yamamoto Senko on a ball head jig head with a 2/0 Owner hook. He caught the fish right along a rock pike on the way into a cove, Strepp claimed the fish measured 27.75 inches long and weighed officially 10.3 pounds.

Stepp actually lives on the lake, so it makes sense why he would want to keep the good genetics going. Next time he better have the NCWRC on speed dial, lol!