Giant Largemouth Bass on a Jig

Ryan Izquierdo was fishing some type of secret body of water when he caught this giant largemouth bass on a soft plastic jig, he was flipping the jig right over soem reeds when the big bass bit. The fishing rod he loves to land these giant bass with is Carrot Stix Rods. Look at the girth on that thing, what a pig!

Gary Ishii Record Musky from Moon River Ontario

Right when I thought I covered just about every record musky to date, one more pops up, lol. And to be honest with you, I'm sure there's plenty more that I still haven't mentioned yet, however I plan to one day cover them all. I have a craving for record size musky, not just fishing for them, but writing about them as well. It's an obsession, once you get the bug, you're a musky fisherman for life!

The angler that caught this monster is Gary Ishii, the fish dates all the back to October 11th of 1984. Story goes Gary was fishing a large jointed Swim Wizz lure on Ontario's Moon River, when this huge 50 pound musky came along and completely slammed the lure. The catch netted him the Men's line class record, this was only his third fishing trip ever. Beginner's luck?

I recently talked about Charlie Gallagher's record musky, which was his first musky ever caught, along with his first musky trip too. It makes me wonder, is there something to this beginner's luck? All I know is, some of us anglers fish most of our life without seeing a fish like this in person, let alone catching one. I will say this though, the musky population is booming in lakes like St. Clair, Mille Lacs, and Lake of the Woods. So if you live close to any of these lakes, the probability of catching a fish like this has seriously improved.

Regardless, it amazes me how some of these record musky have been caught by complete amateur fishermen. Some of these guys look like they've been musky fishing for years, like Gallagher, who holds the fish up with such pride. What else can I say, I guess the unbelievable stories go along well with the unbelievable size of the fish!

Monster Pike from the Netherlands

Uli Beyer caught this stunning 18.55 kilos pike from the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta in the Netherlands. The pike is just a monster, converting the weight over in American measurements, the fish weighs about 40.8 pounds. This Rhine delta is just filled with big fish like this, Beyer caught another pike that same day which weighed 18 kilos. The body of water is also host to big perch and walleye, he caught these big pike on a Zalt Wobbler jerkbait.

High Definition Underwater Video of Smallmouth Bass

Since this photographer disabled embedding on YouTube, I won't be able to post this video on my blog. But knew I still had to share the link with my readers, you'll be stunned by the high definition footage this guy captured of smallmouth bass, amazing! It makes me wonder if this guys has used an underwater rc submarine of some sort or is capturing this footage himself, kind of incredible how the smallmouth bass go unspooked.

Win a Lund 1600 Rebel Tiller Fishing Boat

Get your very own chance to win a Lund 1600 Rebel Tiller baot from Mills Fleet Farm. The giveaway ends June 18, 2017 at 9pm central. The fishing boat features a 77" beam, vinyl flooring with carpeted decks, and a 40hp ELHPT 4 troke motor. The Lund 1600 has a $15,000 value, if you're still fishing from the shoreline, here's your chance to get a nice fishing boat free!

The Ultimate Fishing Kayak

Well it didn't take long before a fishermen came along and customized the ultimate kayak for bass fishing, this here is the Solo Skiff! With speeds capable of going 18mph and 50 miles on 2 gallons of gas, you're capable of covering just as much water as any traditional bass boat. Unlike the cheap kayaks that aren't stable, the Solo Skiff allows you to stand up and cast. And with the Solo Skiff being self bailing, any water you take on from rain or waves gets dumped out back. Only weighing about 150 pounds, this is the perfect boat to transport if you don't want to deal with the maintenance of real boat. With kayak fishing exploding in the last few years, I think it's great someone finally put out a kayak that can compete with the big boys. Some have said this is a kayak on steroids, love it or hate it, I'm sure there'll be plenty of hardcore kayak fishermen willing to put the money up for the Solo Skiff. The Solo Skiff will set you back $1,850.

Another Shot of an Albino Pike

Most anglers will fish all their life without seeing an albino pike, whether you call it a genetic deformation or just a rare fish, they sure are a cool sight to see. Wish I had more info about where this pike was seen, but nothing could be dug up on it. I had to post it after seeing the video of the albino pike seen at France Lake.

Record Blue Catfish from Broad Creek Delaware

When everyone was inside staying away from the cold nasty weather, Thad Palmer was out fishing Broad Creek for monster cats. He was fishing with some bunker right off the bottom when he hooked into a big old blue catfish. After landing the catfish, Palmer put the catfish up on the scales where it weighed 24.65 pounds and measured 37 inches long. Little did Thad know, his blue catfish would become the new state record for Delaware. Anglers been hearing reports of big blue catfish being caught from Nanticoke River and Broad Creek this spring, it's not that surprising that a record finally came from one of those bodies of water.

46″ Tiger Muskellunge from Otisco Lake

Every fall, Otisco Lake becomes on fire with tiger musky! Retired emergency doctor Dave Baumgartner is one of the musky anglers who fishes this lake every fall. This is his largest tiger musky ever caught on Otisco Lake, just a beast!