Record Class Musky from Indiana Lake on a Kodiak Glider

Nick Kushnerik was fishing with a college friend last week on Indiana Lake when he hooked into a record class musky. Kushnerik, a 2012 Marist grad who made state in bass fishing, caught this incredible 51 1/4 inch musky on a Kodiak Glider. The monster musky had a 25 inch girth, Kushnerik said the fish was full of eggs, so he wasn't going to keep the fish to mount. She was released so she could spawn and grow to become a possible world record!

Record Smallmouth Bass from Lake Inawashiro in Japan

America is not the only country home to monster smallmouth bass, check out this incredible smallmouth Dr. Ichiro Nagai caught from Lake Inawashiro in Japan. Weighing in at 5 pounds 9 ounces, the fish would later become a record for the largest smallmouth bass ever caught on a 8 pound fly tippet. Dr. Nagai ended up releasing the smallmouth bass so it could grow even bigger!

Hybrid Striped Bass from Ray Roberts Lake

Earlier this month, an Irving man named Yue Jiang Li caught this record setting 9.83 pound hybrid striped bass on a fly rod fishing Ray Roberts Lake north of Denton. The fish measured 25 inches long with a 19.5 inch girth. The fish beats the previous record that weighed 8.99 pounds which was caught by Mitchell Benwa back in February of 2005. The fish also breaks the previous water body record for Elm Fork by Carey Thorn in 2010, which weighed 6.45 pounds.

Monster Northern Pike from Germany

Bari Latifi was fishing in strong winds at a lake in Germany when he hooked into a monster northern pike. After fighting the fish for 20 minutes, the fish admitted defeat and rose to the surface. Shivering all over his body, Latifi couldn't believe the size of the fish. Measuring 129 centimeters long, with a weight of 22-25 kilograms, the pike was just massive. In American measurements the pike measured about 50.78 inches long and weighed about 48-55 Lbs. He caught the gigantic fish on a Quantum Pelagic Shad lure in the "Game Over" pattern.

Largemouth Bass gets Jealous of Bluegill & Sunfish

So the bluegill and sunfish are just having a good ol' time eating bread being fed to them by some human, little did they know there's was a monster bass lurking in the area, within seconds this bass got jealous and went spastic. Largemouth bass are a very jealous fish.

Bald Eagle Tearing apart a Mallard Duck

Just fucking awesome, had to post this! Big old bald eagle just tearing apart a mallard duck. It's official, spring is here and this is when you start seeing crazy shit like this in the Great Outdoors.

Record Channel Catfish at Lake Mary Crawford

Just this past weekend a Bogue Chitto angler landed a record catfish from Lake Mary Crawford. It was a channel catfish and weighed 14.4 pounds. The DNR claims just about each lake in the county maintains a list of record size fish, they encourage anglers to let them know if they think they caught a new record. Lake Mary Crawford is a 128-acre state fishing lake near Monticello.

3 Year Old Lands 15lb Sturgeon

Wow just incredible, this video was just uploaded on Angling Times, had to share this with my readers. This 3 year old fisherman landed a 15lb sturgeon on a 4 foot rod. I've been fishing for 30 years, I have yet to catch one of these prehistoric beasts! This youngster basically crushed me, lol. So pround to see a father teaching a young lad like this to fish, I'm so happy for them!

Bird Eating Bass from Farm Pond in Southeast Iowa

It's been assumed that musky and pike only eat birds like ducks and geese. But anglers forget, big bass like this 5 pound largemouth Glenn Nichols caught from Lee County farm pond in southeast Iowa also like to feed on birds. After Nichols landed this big bass he found a blackbird inside the fish's mouth. Point being, it's time to pick up Savage Gear's new Suicide Duck for bass fishing!

15.7 Pound Bass from Caddo Lake

This will be the second bass Ronnie Arnold has entered in the Toyota ShareLunker big bass hatchery program. Ronnie Arnold caught this monstrous 15.7 pound bass from Caddo Lake on March 10th. Just 17 anglers have entered multiple fish in the big basss hatchery program since 1986, this makes Arnold part of a super rare club. However he's also the only angler with two ShareLunkers weighing over 15 pounds.