Monster Muskie Caught from Secret Location


You see monster muskie caught like this on a daily basis from an undisclosed secret location. Man this muskellunge is huge, measuring in at an incredilbe 56 inches long with a remarkeable girth. I wish I could tell more about the fish, but it's obvious the angler wants to keep his muskie hot spot on the down low. I can appreciate that, I honestly don't mind publicising my favorite spots on YouTube. For some anglers though, they don't want their hot spots monopolized.

Another View of the Monster Muskie from Lake St. Clair


Here's another view of Captain Gregg's monster muskie he caught from Lake St. Clair a few days ago. His charter, Lunker Lander Sportfishing landed this 56 inch long monster muskie with a 23 inch girth. The huge lunge took out 400 feet of line before they started to reel in the monster! The more you look at it, the more it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I love when they look like an alligator, looks like a creature from the Black Lagoon. Here's the old shot of the lunge few days back, which one you like more?

Determine the Age of Walleye – Opercular Bone

Gord Pyzer, fishing editor of Outdoor Magazine and host of In-Fisherman, gives you an easy way to determine the age of walleye, perch, and sauger. You first remove the gill flap, then put it into a pan of hot water and let it sit for 20-30 minutes, where you're then able to peel it away from the opercular bone. Then put the opercular bone on a window sill for 24 hours, till it goes opaque, then you're able to count each line in the bone. Each white line account for the winter period, while the dark area below the white line account for summer growth. You always age from the bottom of the opercular bone up, but it can be tricky in the bottom area as the lines can be very light and hard to see.


Goliath Grouper at Phosphate Dock in Boca Grande

After watching various videos of anglers pulling up Goliath Grouper at the famous phosphate dock in Boca Grande, diver and photographer David Vanden Bosch decided to take a diver down there where he captured amazing footage for the past month. To say the old pillars were loaded with fish was an understatement! Bosch not only found a hideout for Goliath Grouper, but also saw snook, snapper, spadefish, and toadfish. The secret is out, since posting the video more fishermen have showed up in the area to fish for these mammoth size fish. Check out the video see these beautiful fish in action!

Kevin VanDam Consecutive 3 Pound Bass at Cayuga Lake

Kevin VanDam not only came back and destroyed the competition at the Busch Beer Bassmaster Elite at Cayuga Lake. But he also couldn't believe how many 3 pound bass he caught consecutively in one day, he was pretty amazed with Cayuga Lake to say the least. VanDam ended up taking home the first place prize of $100,000, marking this his 22nd career win. The most B.A.S.S. wins in history, also his 2nd win in the past seven weeks.

Even though he didn't have a great day today, VanDam said he felt pretty lucky. Unlike Toledo Bend which he described as the toughest tournament he had ever won. The Toledo Bend gave him the confidence he needed to win the Cayuga Lake event. VanDam used a variety of patterns throughout the week and exploited the lake's solid populations of both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

The top fishing lures the helped VanDam with the competition were the Strike King Half Shell, a 4-inch wacky rigged Strike King Ocho and a Strike King Dream Shot. Colors like chartreuse and green were super hot! Sight fishing produced up to 20 pounds of fish for VanDam on Thursday.

Not just winning the big prize of $100k, Kevin VanDam also qualified for the Bassmaster Classic Bracket Tournament. Which is held on Niagara River out of Buffalo from July 19th to the 22nd. The top 8 finishers from Cayuga Lake will go head to head in the bracket style even which will pay $50k to the winner.


Nice 46″ Muskie from Minnesota


Check out this monster muskie an angler got from lake in Minnesota, 46 inches long, this bad boy has some girth to him. Don't ever count the state of Minnesota out for big muskellunge, sure there's some monsters coming from Canada, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Minnesota has a good breeding environment for big muskie.

World Record Tiger Musky Holder Passes Away

world-record-tiger-muskySad time for the Lapp family, the woman who once held the world record for tiger musky has just passed away. Dolores Lapp, who died at the age of 86, once caught a tiger musky from Lac Vieux Desert that weighed an incredible 50 pounds 4 ounces, the monster muskie measured an amazing 56 inches long. Just by looking at the photo, you can tell it was just about as big as her. Lapp caught the world record tiger musky back in 1951 in the month of June. She was fishing with her husband Jack, who was a vamed Vilas County guide. Mrs. Lapp is survived by her husband, two sons, a daughter, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Huge Flathead Catfish from St. Croix River

huge-flathead-catfish-st-croix-riverI have yet to catch one of these flathead catfish, but I hear they are strong fighters and have a super strong jaw. I mean just look at the head on this beast, they don't call it flathead for nothing. Measuring in at 47 inches long with a 30 inch girth, this thing looks like it could eat a little kid or something. But they are just bottom feeders, it's incredible how big these fish just get by feeding on the bottom. I congratulate Steven DeMars for his whopping catch, I'm sure he'll be framing this photo this week. Even though the flathead catfish was like a record catch for DeMars, he still decided to release the bit cat back into the wild. Is that a great fisherman or what?

Huge Sturgeon from Rainy River


Take a glance at this humongous fish, caught by Cindy Pawlowski from Rainy River on May 8th. The Sturgeon is just huge, measuring in at an incredible 62 7/8 inces long with a 29 inch girth. It's just about the size of Cindy, I'm sure this monster sturgeon almost pulled her in when reeling it in. Sturgeon get tremendous in size, they are also great fighters, it's not rare to see one jump out of the water when you hook into one.

Benjamin Nowak’s Monster Largemouth Bass

benjamin-nowak-monster-largemouth-bassI met this great fella while fishing my local lake here on Lake St. Clair. We were fishing right next to each other when he hooked into something really big, I knew it was big because his fishing pole was completely bent and hadn't landed the fish after fighting it for a good five minutes. Considering what type of boat these guys were in, bass boat, I figured I'd head on over with my muskie net and pliers to see if they needed any help. At first they thought they were ok, but that's when I offered again, and they took me up on the offer. I was curious myself to see what they had hooked into, figured it was a monster muskie, but you just never know if it's a sturgeon, carp, or catfish.

Considering how crazy the muskie have been biting lately, it was to no suprise to me this turned out to be a monster muskellunge. The fish just measured short of 50 inches, it was definitely one of the largest muskie I've seen in person. Nowak and his friends from Saginaw came down fishing for bass, they were able to get a huge muskie instead. This was actually their 2nd 50 inch lunge, they had got another one right in front of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. They also got some really big smallmouth bass that day too!

Pointe being, if you want to see some monsters landed, head over to Benjamin Nowak's Facebook and YouTube page. Loaded with fishing tips and monster size fish, ya can't miss on this chance to meet a great guy!