56 inch Musky from Canoe on French Broad River

David Bergman caught this monster musky during a canoe trip on French Broad River in North Carolina. He was casting a large swimbait on a 1 ounce jig head when he connected with this fish right near a hole laced with tree roots running along the shoreline. The musky slammed it, the drag began screaming, it took a good 15 minutes to reel this bad boy in. With the help of another fellow fisherman, Bergman was able to land this fish at the nearest shoreline. David Berman estimated the fish to measure between 56 and 59 inches long, possibly weighing upwards of 45 pounds. I'd say that's an inflated estimation, but she sure is big! Any musky over 45 inches surely impresses any fishermen, it surely excites their perception, lol. Awesome catch regardless, congrats on that monster musky David, she sure is a big fish to be caught from a canoe.

Idaho Record Northern Pike from Hayden Lake

In some parts of the country, there was still ice on the water in March. And for one lucky fisherman, he was able to land a catch-and-release state record pike before it all cleared. Scott Kerns of Hayden, caught this 44 inch long northern pike that weighed 33 pounds from Hayden Lake. He got a little bloody while handling the fish, but he said "that's ok," Kerns was just grateful to release the pike back into the water alive. With fish managers waging war against northern pike in Washington and British Columbia, this was one of the slowest ice fishing seasons ever. Regardless of how some anglers and state biologists feel about the predator, it's a trophy fish to some fishermen! Kerns stated the fish was just filled with eggs. Idaho's certified weight record for northern pike was Kim Flemings pike from Lower Twin Lake back in 2010, the fish measured 51.5 inches long and weighed 40.15 pounds.

Monster Pike at Lake Roosevelt Washington

This 20 pound northern pike was caught by gillnets at Lake Roosevelt. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is working with Colville and Spokane tribes to prevent pike from reproducing during spring, these gillents work by catching the pike before they spawn. They're both concerned northern pike could have a major impact on native species in Lake Roosevelt, especially redband rainbow trout. Their really big concern is the risk to salmon and steelhead fisheries, which some species are already endangered. The invasion of northern pike originated from illegal introductions in Montana, the pike then migrated their way down from Flathead River to Clark Ford, then by early 2000s they inhabited Box Canyon Reservoir. The pike were booming by 2010!

Bass Crapping Out Soft Plastic Bait

This is rather disturbing, one angler had post it on Facebook, now I have to share it on my blog. Anyone who sees this photo should be concerned with the soft plastic baits we use on a daily basis at our lakes. If your bait is torn or ripped apart, please dispose of it properly in the trash. Soft plastic baits are starting to collect at the bottom of all our lakes, please be sure to share!

Huge Pike from Lake Mien Sweden

Check out the beautiful colors on this pike from Lake Mien Sweden! The fish is just monstrous, weighing in at 26.54 pounds and 48.42 inches long, the fish was caught on a Pigshad color red Motoroil. The huge pike was released back into the wild!

Record Largemouth Bass from La Cygne Reservoir Kansas

It's very rare to catch a bass over 10 pounds in Kansas, Jeremy Conway did it within the first cast of fishing a tournament at La Cygne Reservoir last Saturday. Conway never had a game plan nor did he have his gear ready when he launched his boat, so he stopped by a steep bank he fished for years. Never did he think a monster bass would be lurking in his old fishing hole. First cast, bam! A 10 pound 15 ounce largemouth bass on a Rapala crankbait. The fish had missed the current state of 11.8 pounds, but this is definitely a new record for the La Cygne Reservoir. Conway has joined the rare 10 pound plus club, which only consists of a select few.

Mark Clark’s Monster Bass from PickWick Lake

Mark Clark landed this monster bass while fishing the American Bass Anglers Ram Trucks Open Series at PickWick Lake, the pig weighed an incredible 9.56 pounds. Clark came in 3rd place with 4 fish weighing in at 16.56 pounds, while Charles Watts took the top spot with 5 fish weighing in at 20.75 pounds.

Two Record Fish within 30 Minutes: Burbot & Whitefish

Fishing, how much of it is luck and how much of it is skill, this has been debated by my friends and family for decades. I think everyone has their own opinion, but for one man, I think Lady Luck might've been on his side when he landed these two record fish within 30 minutes time.

Ken Maggiore, 19 of Chicago, broke the Illinois burbot and whitefish records on March 22 when fishing near Montrose Bay on Lake Michigan. His burbot weighed 9.3 pounds, beating out the previous record of 8.85 pounds. While his whitefish weighed 7.5 pounds, beating out the previous record of 6.55 pounds.

Both record fish were caught from the shoreline using shrimp on some type of bottom rig. Field and Stream reported that this isn't likely the last time Illinois will see a whitefish record fall, but for now, Ken Maggiore is delighted to have his name in the record books for two species of fish. Makes me wonder if Maggiore might make the Guinness Book of World Records for 2017?

New Bass Record for Lake Belton

That old saying "everything is bigger in Texas" comes to mind after looking at this gargantuan largemouth bass caught by Kurt Luker during the Texas Team Trail even at Lake Belton. The fish weighed an incredible 13.97 pounds, setting a new record for the lake, as well as being submitted to the Toyota ShareLunker Program! Congrats Kurt on the amazing catch, that baby is huge!

Big Pike from Germany

Check out this big old German pike caught by female fisherman Danni Shafer. That baby's got some girth to her, be sure to follow Danni on Facebook for more beauts like this. Man I'm so jealous of the pike from Europe, but hey at least we got our might musky over here in the states. It's just amazing how much larger the pike get over in Europe, this one is just huge!