Gar Identification – Types of Gar

Traditionally there are about 4 different species: alligator, longnose, shortnose, and spotted. However there is supposedly a hybrid ya gotta watch out for, the alligator/longnose gar hybrid. Here's a really cool gar identification you guys can pass along on social media for fishermen to identify these monste fish. The alligator gar is of course the biggest species of gar, they can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh an incredible 300 pounds.

Alligator Gar to Combat Asian Carp?

Pretty interesting news over at the Detroit Free Press, according to the media source fishing officials are thinking about using the alligator gar fish species as a potential weapon against asian carp, which have pretty much swam unchecked towards the Great Lakes for the past decade with little more than an electric barrier to keep them at bay. If they ever just entered one Great Lake, the effects could be devastating, remind you the Great Lakes fishery is worth at least $7 billion dollars. Honestly though, how could you ever put a price tag on a great sport such as fishing, it's basically priceless!

With musky fishing blowing up, bass fishing still a popular tournament sport, and of course the great tasting walleye. Something needs to be done pronto, I'm honestly into fishing more than I've ever been in my life!!! I used to be into the car hobby, but with companies paying out low wages and the economy not being what it used to be, fishing is the only sport/hobby you can do at such a cheap wage. I couldn't imagine Lake St. Clair just populated with Asian carp! Those fish are absolutely hideous looking and I honestly see no fun in catching one species day after day for the rest of my life.

While some might think alligator gar are also an invasive species, please do your homework. This wicked looking fish was once a native fish to both northern and southern states, until it disapearead due to over fishing and deprived places to spawn. One expert said, "what else is going to be able to eat those monster carp?" - Allyse Ferrara


I say release the Kraken!!! Fishing officials and the government have done little to combat the Asian carp, so why not try this theory. It's said that the alligator gar have already shown a taste for Asian carp. Illinois fish biologist Rob Hilsabeck did make this claim though, "I don’t think alligator gar are going to be the silver bullet that is going to control carp by any stretch of the imagination."

Asian carp reproduce more quickly, but on the other hand alligator gar can also graow fast, one gar stocked in Illinois six years ago has already reached more than 4 feet long. Currently, alligator gar are now being restocked in lakes, rivers, and backwaters - sometimes in secret locations - in several states this month. Illinois lawmakers are trying to setup a program and adopt regulations to protect all four species of gar in their state. I guess only time will tell if this ancient apex predator will put a massive dent in the invasive asian carp species!


Darren Izumi’s Huge 7 Pound Smallmouth Bass

Drop dead gorgeous smallmouth bass, this huge smallmouth bass was caught at the Kingston Canadian Open by Darren Izumi! Catching a smallie this big at a bass tournament is almost unspeakable of, this will definitely boost Darren Izumi in their rankings! The fish officially weighed 7.20 pounds, Darren called it a fish of a lifetime.

Catfish on a Musky Bucktail Spinner

I checked the weather before going fishing this evening, with overcast and a chance of rain, I knew I had a chance of catching a big musky! The only drawback was a strong northeast wind, so I ended up tucking behind the pier of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. Kind of pissed me off, with overcast like this I wanted to go a little deeper for musky, especially since it's the middle of summer and the water is a lot warmer in shallow water. But due to my motion sickness, I'm a big limited on the places I can fish.

So I started taking casts with a new silver bucktail spinner my brother gave me a few weeks ago, all of a sudden bam, I felt something tug and I set the hook. Thinking it was a musky after seeing the long slender body, it was nothing but a small pike. Still being thrilled I got something in such shallow water, I kept casting. That's when I decided to get right up next to the breakwall and take a cast parallel to the breakwall, that's when I felt something hammer my inline spinner. I immediately raised my rod and set the hook, the fish peaked it's head out of the water, I got a quick look at the fish and it was super dark. Thinking I had on either a dark musky or bowfin, species of fish were just running through my head. As the fish got closer, that's when I realized I had hooked into a catfish. I was just astonished a catfish hit my musky bucktail spinner, just amazing, I'm thinking to myself I'm never going to forget this catch.

It was a pretty big catfish, nothing super huge, but I was pretty excited to have caught it. The fish definitely had a little girth to him, probably making the biggest catfish I had ever caught in my life. I had a take a moment to think back when's the last time I caught a catfish, it had of been like a decade ago! Maybe even longer, hell, I think the last time I caught a catfish was when I was 13 years old. I honestly appreciate this catch more than musky, because it's pretty super rare to catch a musky on a inline spinner, it's pretty damn neat!




Mahogany Bass Boat for Fishing


For all you carpenters, check out the incredible craftsmahship that has gone into building this all mahogany wood bass boat. I think it would basically fall apart within a few weeks on Lake St. Clair, but something like this would be awesome for small inland lakes. For those of you that think I'm joking about falling apart, believe me it would, we get 3-4 foot waves traditionally out on Lake St. Clair. I have screws that have been stripped out on my Crestliner just from the waves out there, St. Clair is a great lake to fish, but puts a beating on you and your boat! This is still a really cool and unique boat that I never seen before, would love to take a spin in it.



57″ Monster Muskie from Slobland

Slobland posts another video of a monster muskie that measured an incredible 57 inches. Jamie Pearson caught this muskie on a Slobtail flash bait called "Maddog", a black and gold bucktail spinner. This baby had a 25 inch girth! Love these guy's intro on Slobland Flicks YouTube Channel, I've posted videos of these guys before, they really catch some monster muskie, some of the biggest I've ever seen on YouTube.



Huge Largemouth Bass on Prestwood Lake


There are a lot of great lakes over on Connecticut, but after the Cutler boys moved to Hartsville South Carolina, they found that there's lakes like Prestwood Lake that make the bass from Connecticut look small. On the day they caught this 7 pound, 2 ounces largemouth bass, they noticed a lot of bait fish popping out of the water here and there. Considering it's due to predatorial fish, Nate took a cast in the direction where the all the commotion was happening, that's when a big old bass hit his lure. While they did catch a few other 2 and 3 pounders that day, nothing fought like this big old behemoth, it took a team effort to reel in this monster fish on 8 pound line. Nate claims he owes a lot of the recognition to his older brother Teddy Culter when they landed the big bass. Nate said he's caught a couple of 5 pounders before this one, but never a fish of this size, he plans on getting this baby mounted! Both the brothers go fishing about every other day, emphasizing how much it keeps both of them out of trouble. I'm always touched to see how one sport can bring two siblings closer together, there's nothing quite like the sport of fishing!

Fishing Hook Injuries!


Sometimes fishing can be dangerous, check out some of these fishing hook injuries. Which is worst? Getting a hook in the nose or in the eyeball, I for one will take a fish hook in the nose over a hook in the eye anyday. That one near the knuckle and you can see it through the nail just gives me chills!!! How is there no blood in that one, lol? Makes ya wonder if some of these are photoshopped! Either way, real or not, they just make you cringe and hope it doesn't happen to you one day. I always say be aware of your surroundings, how close are you to the fisherman castings next to you? And give some distance to the angler next to you when you're about to net a fish, I once had a crankbait zing back up in my face and hook me in the cheek, man that hurt!





Best Musky Lakes in Midwest United States

Get the lowdown on some of the best water ways to fish for big muskellunge, my favorite of course is Lake St. Clair, but there are plenty of others just as good. It's just too bad they didn't include the Saint Lawrence River over in Canada, but I guess this video just had to do with upper midwest United States. I absolutely would love to take a vacation over in Canada to get a nice 50 incher! But hey, I guess I don't have to because over in the States, we got some gigantic musky, and they just keep getting bigger!


Best Musky Lakes in Midwest United States

Big Muskie from Ottawa River

Check out this big old muskie caught right out of the Ottawa River. The fish is well over 50 inches, this is just some of the monster muskie coming out of Canada. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan are great states to fish for muskie! But if you're looking to go old school, Canada is still one of these best places to fish for muskellunge!