Sockeye Salmon at Lake Iliamna Alaska

These beautiful sockeye salmon are swimming upstream to spawn at Lake Iliamna Alaska, anyone up for some salmon fishing? lol Be sure to follow Sharing Alaska on Facebook, they're always sharing great videos like this on their page.

Win a Helios 2 Fly Fishing Rod

Orvis is giving away a top-of-the-line Helios 2 fly fishing rod, a rod that retails for around $800. So even if you're not a fly fisherman, you can resell the rod on Ebay and use that money to buy a whole slew of fishing lures from Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas. The sweepstates is only open to USA residents who are 18 and older, which end at 11:59 EST on April 12, 2017. The winner of the Helios 2 fly rod will be notified on April 19, 2017.

Monster Musky from Papio Creek Nebraska

Now I know a lot of anglers might differ with me calling this musky a monster, but considering it was caught from a creek, the angler is like 10 years old, hell yes this is a monster musky to the young angler. Jacob Cooper is the name of the youngster who caught this big musky! Cooper said he was so excited when he called his Dad to tell him about the fish, he was shaking!!!

The musky measured 44 inches long and weighed 24 pounds, Cooper said he caught it near 84th Street bridge in downtown Papillion. His father Aaron Cooper said, "People go to Canada to catch fish like that, and he’s catching them in our backyard." It's an exhilarating moment for both of them, his father is so proud of him.

Most who fish Papio Creek, say it's more likely to catch a smaller channel catfish or carp than a big musky like this. But Nebraska Game and Parks Commission wasn’t surprised to hear about the big musky, lots of fish from the flood control reservoirs have escaped during high flows, some of them are trophy sized fish. The musky most likely came from Zorinsky Lake, the only body of water connected to the creek which has been stocked with muskies.

Gold Largemouth Bass from Lake Ontario

Can't say I've ever seen a gold largemouth bass before, but she sure is pretty. This strange bass was caught while by angler Markus Brady when they were fishing the Quinte Fishing Series bass tournament. The odd looking bass weighed three pounds, it helped Brady and his partner win the bass tournament with a total of 35.94 pounds. Scientists suggest it has to do with some sort of genetic mutation. One of the genes that contributes to the normal process of color formation in the scales has probably undergone a random mutation and is not functioning properly.

Would Have Been a World Record Lake Trout

This incredible 83 pound lake trout would have been the World Record, but due to catching the 83 pound lake trout in a gill net while sustenance fishing, the fish will not break the rod-and-reel record from 1995, which weighed 72 pounds. The fishermen tried reviving the monster lake trout, but it was already dead. The lake trout was caught at Great Bear Lake.

Record Channel Catfish from Lake Mary Arizona

Records are getting broken all over the country now that spring has set in, here's another catfish record, this time from Flagstaff Arizona. Carson Pete caught the 33.36 pound channel catfish at Lake Mary while using some frozen anchovies he dipped in some custom made oil/garlic mix. The fish beats out an old catfish record that goes 30 years back, caught by Chuck Berndt at Parker Canyon Lake, Pete's catfish weighed a pound more than Berndt's 32 pound 4 ouce catfish.

Illinois State Record Crappie at Kinkaid Lake

Currently pending, it's expected that Ryan Povolish's crappie from Kinkaid Lake will break the current crappie record from 41 years ago. Ryan Povolish was fishing a 1/2-ounce Strike King Pure Poison Swim Jig with a green pumpkin-colored Rage Craw, when the 4 pound 8.8 ounce crappie hit. Currently the DNR still doesn't know if it's a black crappie or a hybrid crappie. The fish measured 18 1/8th inches long with a girth of 16 1/4 inches.

Arkansas New State Record Blue Catfish from Lake Moultrie

Paula Haney wrestled this huge blue catfish for 15 minutes before bringing it to the boat, the monster cat weighed an incredible 113.8-pounds, beating out the old record by about 4 pounds. It's been 24 years since George A. Lijewski landed his record 109.4 pound blue catfish back in 1991. Paula's catfish was brought into Hills Landing Marina right around 1:30 pm, they moved it to a 2000 gallon tank to try and revive her, sadly despite the tremendous effort they lost the catfish. Congratulations to Paula Haney for the remarkable catch!

Safe Freshwater Fish to Eat Chart – Mercury & PCBs

Ever wonder what species of freshwater fish are safer to eat? Well here's a chart that shows most the freshwater fish, from panfish, to esox, bass, walleye and bottom feeders like carp and catfish. It's obvious to stay away from bottom feeding fish because that's where chemicals settle, however it's hard to stay away from catfish because they're so tasty to eat. What's strange is black bullhead catfish actually fit in with the lower level of chemicals in fish like perch, crappie, and bluegill. In a recent reports of Michigan fishermen who like to eat fish from the Detroit River, they found 3x the mercury and PCBs in their blood than national averages, as well as elevated dioxin. It's very important to take concern, take care!

Huge Northern Pike from Italy

Congratulations Gabriele Gabriez Masoni on that huge pike from Italy, no weight or measurements on the beast, but Gabriele did post up a video releasing the fish back into the lake. She sure was huge, extra thick, makes me wonder what type of forage they like to feed on over there. Sure there eating baitfish, but I wonder if they're eating ducks and birds to get so big, I mean the pike over in Europe are just huge! Be sure to follow Gabriele on Facebook for more big pike.