New Color “Nuke Walleye” for Muskie Attacker

Muskie Attacker just announced a new color for 2017, dubbed "Nuke Walleye," the color will be offered in most their bucktail spinners for muskie fishing. From the Frenchie, Cable, Double 7's, and 2 Hook Models. Nuke Walleye will later be offered in the Big Chuck Model as well. Nuke Walleye is a mixture of white hair, followed by fluorescent lime/yellow hair, and Copper and Gold Krystal Flash & gold Flashabou and Pearl/Gold Mirage Flashabou. The top layer features a mix of brown, Tan and Black Hair, topped with a gold blade.

Big Bass from Smallmouth Nation

Big old bass from Smallmouth Nation on Facebook, this smallmouth bass is just monstrous. Makes me want to go out and do some bass fishing right now, check out the belly on that thing! It's probably been eating gobies and crayfish by the dozens, I'd peg this bass right around the 7 or 8 pound mark. Be sure to Like Smallmouth Nation on Facebook, they have a ton of enjoyable pictures like these on their Facebook page!

Portable Fishing Boats – Fold-Up-Boats

Now I know most fishermen are pretty happy with transporting kayaks and pontoon boats on top of their cargo racks. However, what if you don't own an SUV or truck, what do you do? Well there's a few companies that have recently come out with portable fishing boats that could possibly fit inside your car or even backpack.

The first one is the Porta-Bote, claiming to have sold over 100,000 Porta-Botes worldwide, this nifty little boat can put together under 3 minutes and be on the water within 4 minutes. The new Alpha series starts at $2,295 and ranges from 8 feet long all the way up to 14 feet long. The company stands by their boat with a 10 year limited hull warranty.

As for you fishermen that would like to be able to transport their boat in a trunk or inside a backpack, there's the Foldboat. Made by design students Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies, they came up with the idea for this boat when they were studying for their Masters degrees at London's Royal College of Art. Costing about £800, the boat is made from a single sheet of plastic that can be folded up to 6,000 times.

Then if you get super serious about purchasing a portable fishing boat and want the best, there's the Quickboat, which is made from both fibreglass and kevlar so it can travel speeds up to 20 knots and take an outboard motor that boasts power up to 9.8 horsepower. The entire boat packs down into two small bags, with biggest bag measuring less than 4 meters. The Quickboat is currently being sold around £2,850.

Like I said above, it's more likely a fishermen would purchase a kayak or pontoon boat from Cabelas or Bass Pro for around $500, but if you're lacking space or don't own an SUV or truck to transport these larger boats, a fold-up-boat might be a better option. Either way these boats are super cool and really innovative, I had to share them on my fishing blog.

New Fishing Lures 2017 – Yamamoto Zako Swimbait

If you're planning on doing some bass fishing this spring, one of the new fishing lures you have to try is the Yamamoto Zako Swimbait. Professional bass fisherman Brett Hite designed this new swimbait to be used as the perfect vibrating jig trailer, however you'll find that he Zaka can be used with an ordinary jig head or even a Texas Rig.

Made from dense plastic, designed with a deep belly, segmented body and flanged tail. The bait transmits a vibration down the body while offering a tight wobbling action when moving through the water. When paired up with a skirted jig, there's very little drag, and it's very easy to line up the jig hook with the seam that runs down the middle of the body. No longer do you have to cut a soft plastic bait to be carefully threaded on the hook.

The Zako measures in at 4 inches long, offers 6 bodies in every bag, and far as I know there's 15 different colors which is currently being offered at Tackle Warehouse. I'm predicting that the Zako will become a staple in every bass angler's tackle box.

Bowfishing Asian Carp at Barkley Dam

While I'm sure bowfishing these Frankenstein monsters will help outdoorsmen feel good about themselves, make them feel as though they are doing their part, it's highly unlikely to put enough of a dent to bring down Asian carp populations. They're just reproducing and eating prey way too fast. What used to be full of blue catfish, paddlefish, striped bass, white bass, and smallmouth bass. Now is populated with these ugly asian carp, you can cast a crankbait out, you're more likely to snag one of these Asian carp than catch a bass anymore. Waterways like these used to be home to a million dollar bass fishery, where there would be bass tournaments hosted on lakes every spring. Now there's Asian carp numbering in the millions.

Both species of Asian carp are plankton feeders, originally brought over to the USA to control phytoplankton in various delta aquaculture facilities, some managed to escape after floods. Their spread was basically unstoppable, like zombies feeding on human flesh in an apocalypse. Now they live in every river and stream hooked up to the Mississippi.

They spawn at a rapid rate, each female lays about a million or more eggs each time they spawn, they'll grow so quickly that not many native fish will have the opportunity to eat them. A bighead Asian carp can reach 30 inches in just four years, topping out at 100 pound or more. Silver carp range from 15 to 40 pounds, they feed consistently never stopping. Back in the 90s, Asian carp started to appear in Berkley and Kentucky dams. By mid 2000s, fishermen became concerned about the invasive species ruining their fishery. Within 5 years their numbers became staggering!

Each year, more and more Asian carp keep popping up in river, streams, and canals. Making bowfishing basically effortless. However Hunters are still having a fun time doing it, the bow hunters that would come down to hunt Kentucky for buffalo and gar, are now shooting Asian carp because they're just more prevalent. You'll just get a lot more shots off and it's more exciting! One bow fisherman reported shooting a carp the size of a button buck, a fish that took took a half hour to reel in.

Outdoorsmen are having a good old time participating in this new booming sport, but they know the invasive species are killing the river. Most outdoorsmen know there's a huge correlation between the Asian carp invasion and the surge in bowfishing popularity. Kentuckians are seeing boats and license plates from all over the country now in their state.

The goal would be to eradicate the carp completely from the river, but it's highly unlikely that's going to happen, so instead bowfishermen will try to manage their numbers. Some states are planning to create commercial markets for the fish, while Asian carp tend to be filled with a lot of bones, the meat is white and flaky and tastes pretty good.

Tiger Musky on Headbanger Crankbait in Utah

This may be one of the first musky to be caught on a Headbanger, the Swedish based crankbait made for pike in Europe. What makes the crankbait so unique is the inconsistent erratic this crankbait gives off, it's like nothing you've seen before. From what I can see, it perfectly mimics a wounded baitfish. While it was meant for pike, remember that musky and pike are from the same fish family, so there's no reason why the Headbanger wouldn't work on muskellunge. If you haven't noticed by now, this is no normal musky, this was a tiger musky caught over in Utah. Really can't wait to use this crankbait on musky in Lake St. Clair, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Beautiful Girl with Tennesse Musky

Fishermen will definitely get a kick out of this photo! This is Brianna Herman, the owner and operator of Musky Huntress. A cool place on the web that has fishing tackle and apparel dsigned specifically for women that love to fish for musky. While musky fishing has become a popular sport for men, it's starting to grow within women too. Brianna really has some really cool musky apparel that you guys and gals might like, even if your girl doesn't fish, she might like one of those pink musky shirts.

Northern Pike Family Photo

One of the craziest photos I've seen of northern pike, whole family of pike. Before ya know it Mom's going to turn on the young ones and start feeding on them, remember pike are very cannibalistic. These fish will feed on one another if they're hungry enough. Figured I'd post this photo because my readers might want to share on Facebook.

Video of Top 10 Pike Attacks

These are some of the best damn pike attacks you'll ever see on the water! Someone needs to put together the top 10 musky attacks on YouTube, because I know they're out there. Esox is probably the most aggressive species in freshwater lakes across North America, I hope you enjoy these clips. Staye tuned for more great fishing videos like these!

Pike Eating a Bass Frozen in Ice – Strangest Pike Attack

There's a photo that's been blowing up social media sites this past winter, two brothers found a pike trying to eat a bass while ice fishing Indiana's Wawassee Lake. But it's not your typical pike attack, these two were frozen inside the ice together. It's not that uncommon for a fisherman to catch a bass, then a pike or musky comes along to eat it. However, this is completely unheard of.

Anton Babich took a chainsaw and cut them out so fishermen could get a better look at the fish. Both of these fish now look like a piece of art, capturing the food chain here at Wawassee Lake. Now I know there's fishermen still questioning the authenticity of this find, I wouldn't say it's impossible to rig something like this up if you know what you're doing. People are doing this all the time to get views on YouTube, I mean when money's involved, anything's possible. It's incredible the amount of fake stories that are surfacing on the internet for click bait. However, I think this find it completely authentic!

So far the photo has gained 3,700 likes, 2,300 comments and 15,000 shares on Facebook. And the video has gained 990,000 views! My guess is to what happened, a pike attacked a fish that was too big to swallow and since the bass got stuck, both the two died before the lake froze over.