NetBait Paca Craws Soft Plastics

Give these NetBait Paca Craws a try at your local lake, they can be used a trailer or rigged as a traditional jig. The patented thin style claws generate a wild action unlike any other soft bait I've seen on the market. Twitch them fast, hard, or slowly, you'll be sure to generate an enticing action at any speed. Bass fishermen have had a lot of success with these soft plastic baits at a variety different lakes across the country. While the Paca Craws are made out of soft plastic material which offers maximum flexibility, they are durable enough to withstand numerous fish attacks, yet still incorporate a very addicting scent that most bass can't resist. Each bait has been loaded with pork fat, anise scent, and just the right amount of salt for a good balanced attractant. NetBait has designed these soft plastics with the professional bass fisherman in mind, Paca Craws will give you that edge you need come tournament time! Buy a pack now if you're that type of serious fisherman!

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