Lucky Craft Swimbaits

Lucky Craft is mostly know for there quality constructed crankbaits, but did you know they make one hell of a swimbait too? With four different swimbaits to choose from, Lucky Craft never sells us short with a wide variety of baits to choose from. The Lucky Craft Real Ayu 178 is what caught my eye, with a precisely weighted and finely tuned thought out design, this swimbait gives of a beautiful S movement like a real fish. And if you're curious about Lucky Craft's other line of swimbaits, check out the Lucky Craft Real Bluegill 150SS, Lucky Craft Pointer 125 Jointed Smasher, and Lucky Craft Real California 110 Supreme. Lucky Craft just always surprises us with a new line of baits each year, this is one fishing company you can count on for an innovative contemporary line of hard baits that's always changing!

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