Heddon Topwater Baits

Probably the most effective bait on topwater, the Heddon Zara Spook performs like no other topwater bait you've used before. It entices the big ones when no other lure is working! Use it when the fish flies are out and bass have lockjaw. Mid summer can be really tough when jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and even live bait isn't working. Switching to something completely different is key, like a Heddon Zara Spook. Heddon has made so many different versions since its first release back in the day. While the original vintage Zara Spook is still great to use, I beg you to try the Salwater Super Spook, Knocker Spook, Zara Puppy, Chug N Spook, and even the Rattlin Spook Ghost.

Heddon has you covered for every situation possible, even if you're looking for that magnum sized spook for muskie fishing. You'll be amazed with how far down deep the fish will come out of the depths to hit the Zara Spook! The action, rattle, and wake each Zara Spook gives off so unique, you've never tried a topwater bait like this before.

Heddon has been making quality hard baits since the late 1900s, so you know it's a lure you can trust. With such an incredible legacy of making a great line of topwater hard baits, you have to invest in a few of these hard baits for yourself. Not only great for amateur fishermen, but for even pro anglers on the circuit. I guarantee fish will go apeshit over them!

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