Daiwa Crankbaits

Take your fishing to the next level with some Daiwa crankbaits! Known for quality and performance, Daiwa has built some of the best fishing rods and reels over the years. Furthermore Daiwa is taking their expertise to the next level with some innovative hard baits. Crankbaits like the Wise Minnow 50SP and Presso Minnow 6F are just some of my favorite Daiwa hard baits that have produced some incredibly big fish in the boat for me.

Daiwa crankbaits are like nothing you've seen before, they may look awkard to the traditional crankbaits you've used over the years, but these odd looking crankbaits give off a unique action that is irresistible to fish. And if you enjoyed the extravagant colors on the Lucky Craft crankbaits, you'll love the colors on the Daiwa crankbaits. These are some of the most innovative 3D reflective colors I have ever seen lure, I just love them and I guarantee you'll love them too, especially when they start catching fish for ya.

Use these hard baits on trout, bass, pike and even walleye. You won't find a fish that can resist the temptation of attacking a Daiwa crankbait!

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