Cotton Cordell Crankbaits

One of the most popular crankbaits is the Cotton Cordell Wally Diver, created with the walleye in mind, these crankbaits dive deep and catch fish. And with so many colors to choose from, Cotton Cordell can suit all your needs for walleye fishing. Choose from the suspending walleye diver or the magnum walleye diver, your preference will depend on how deep of water you're fishing and how tall the weeds are at the lake you fish.

In the last years though, Cotton Cordell has extremely expanded their line of baits. Adding great baits like the CC Shad, Red Fin, and the Boy Howdy for a little topwater excitement. With a wide range of crankbaits to choose from, there's no reason to look elsewhere for a dependable walleye crankbait.

Don't ever count out Cotton Cordell for great bass fishing crankbaits as well. While their long classic shape has been designed for walleye and pike in mind, believe it or not Cotton Cordell crankbaits work great on bass too. You just never know what you might catch on a Cotton Cordell, I've landed some nice muskie on them too.

Troll them or cast them, these Cotton Cordell crankbaits will catch you big fish. Do some research around the web, you'll see that walleye angler swear by them, and pike fishermen have had a lot of success with them too. Research, research, research! Then come back and pick yourself up a quality Cotton Cordell crankbait from our shop.

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