Cheap Beetle Spins – Johnson Spinnerbait

Possibly the best lure in my tackle box, the Johnson Beetle Spin may not look like much, but this spinnerbait catches lots of fish, big ones too! Whether you're fishing for largemouth bass in shallow water or smallmouth bass in deeper water, this small spinnerbait entices even the biggest of pigs. Just go out and try a Beetle Spiner for yourself! They work great in ponds, rivers, small inland lakes, and even the Great Lakes. I've caught big musky on the Beetle Spin and even northern pike, you'll catch just about anything on the Beetle Spin, including walleye. Whether you're a bass fishermen or pike fishermen, this is one of the most reliable spinnerbaits you can use fishing. The Beetle Spin is a very easy fishing lure to learn with too, young anglers and amateur fishermen will have a blast casting this spinnerbait.

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