Castaic Catch 22 Swimbaits

The motto goes, if it looks like a fish and swims like a fish, well it's gotta be Castaic. Castaic is one of the first fishing companies to create a lifelike swimbait that features a similar action to a wounded minnow. Catch 22 has become a common favorite among anglers all over the world. The flexible InnerArmorTM fiber skeleton provides a structural strength and support while it flutters through the water with ease. The Castaic Catch 22 can be retrieved slowly or burned back very fast to entice even bigger fish like muskie. Castaic has made the Catch 22 in two different sizes, 4 inch and even 6 inch for those lunkers. You'll find a Castaic swimbait like the Catch 22 is a very versatile lure, use it in the shallows or deep water, even on days when fish aren't biting. One things for sure, the Castaic Catch 22 performs under pressure when other lures aren't working!

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