Chompers Ultra Tubes

The most effective tube bait I have ever tried! These Chompers Ultra Tubes are packed with a garlic and salt scent that both largemouth and smallmouth bass can't resist. Jig them slowly or jig them fast, you'll find that bass love to hit these baits when they're just resting at the bottom. I've used these tube baits every spring and fall out on Lake St. Clair, they absolutely rock!!! They'll not only catch you some big fat smallmouth, but maybe a nice pike and musky as well. Musky out on St. Clair really seem to respond to the strong garlic scent. The colors I love to use are green pumpkin, watermelon seed, and pearl pepper. With such a vast color selection to choose from, what's not to like about the Chompers Ultra Tube. Take finesse fishing to the next level with these tube baits.

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