Bomber Model A Crankbaits

An all around superior crankbait thank most brands, Bomber has been catching big fish for me ever since my childhood, they were incredibly great on smallmouth bass in the Great Lakes. And they work ever better down south with the monster largemouth bass. Never go home empty handed with a Bomber crankbait. While I've done really well with the Model A, Bomber has really improved their line with the Fat Free Shad and Deep Long A.

If you're gunning for muskie and pike, the Deep Long A will suit you quite nicely. Then if you're trying for those monster smallies in Lake St. Clair, a Fat Free Shad is a great choice. But if you're looking for the most dependable lure for bass fishing, the Bomber Model A crankbait will turn up fish every time you go out.

I've always been quite fond of their extravagant colors, like the Tennessee Shad, Firetiger, and of course the Baby Bass. The great thing about our store is, we not only have the modern colors to date, but also some of the vintage colors Bombers no longer produce. Our eBay store has some of those super rare colors you can no longer find at Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. I loved the rainbow trout, I have no clue why Bomber discontinued that color.

User search box up above it through looking to narrow down to a particular model or color Bomber crankbait. Believe me, you won't find a selection anywhere else on the web, our fishing store will provide you with all your service needs and help you reel in that big one. Thank you for check out our selection of high quality Bomber crankbaits.

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