Berkley Crankbaits

Berkley has completely upgraded their line of hard baits, from the Berkley Pitbull to the Berkley Flicker Shad. One things for sure, these crankbaits work! I have caught so many smallmouth bass on the Flicker Shad, it's one of those crankbaits you can depend on when no other fishing lure is working in your tackle box. I've used them time and time again when smallmouth bass aren't biting, yet they've help me land up to ten bass on those really tough days. Reasonably priced too! Berkley has fishermen covered who can only afford a $5 crankbait compared to a $20 crankbait by Lucky Craft or Livingston. Those crankbaits are great, however most cannot afford them, so we need a solid dependable crankbait that's affordable. That's where Berkley comes in with a long list of crankbaits at a bargain, you can't pass up on these incredible deals. We have a long list of Berkley crankbaits ranging from the latest models to even old vintage Berkley crankbaits. Pick up a Berkley crankbait now!

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