Berkley Swimbaits

Berkley makes some of the best swimbaits for bass and walleye fishing. The all new Berkley Havoc features a lifelike swimming action that no other swimbait on the market can mimic. The Havoc glides through the water, as the paddle in the back shakes and leaves a small vibration in the water that drive fish crazy. Use the Berkley Havoc for walleye when night fishing and even in the morning for monster smallmouth bass. You never know what you might catch on the Berkley Havoc, so be ready to set the hook when using it.

Berkley's other pride and possession is the Powerbait Swim Shad. Dipped in the famous Powerbait scent and flavor formula for fish catching power, this swimbait is great for river fishing, ponds, and even lakes. You'll find that bass fishermen love to use swimbaits like the Powerbait Swim Shad because of the unique action it gives off in the water, it will without a doubt catch fish because it really looks like a live minnow swimming through the water. The extra Powerbait scent is just a plus!

Berkley has always been a quality brand name to me, any of their fishing lures I've bought in the past have always caught fish for me. They've developed some of the best soft plastic baits in the past, it's to no surprise to me they make some of the best swimbaits on the market as well. Ya have to try either of these two swimbaits, reasonably priced and affordable that any fisherman can afford.

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