Bassdozer Spinnerbaits

One of the highest quality of spinnerbaits ever constructed, the Bassdozer Spinnerbaits are made stronger and provide a unique action that is irresistible to fish. Choose from wide variety of bladed Bassdozer Spinnerbaits, Bassdozer features both single and double bladed spinners, choose from Colorado, Indiana, and even Willow leaf which is my favorite. It's obvious spinnerbaits are not all created equal, when you fish with Bassdozer, you know you're getting nothing but the best. No plastic parts that will break, made with premium BioF-Flex silicone skirts, and premium Mustand Ultra Point long shank hooks. You're looking at the USA's leading manufacturer in premium made spinnerbaits, pick up a Bassdozer Spinnerbait now!

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