Bass Pro Shops XPS Crankbaits

While there are so many other crankbait brands to buy from, Bass Pro makes one hell of a crankbait. Reasonably priced and made with the finest materials available, these crankbaits can be thrown against structure, take strikes by musky, and even be used for salwater fish. They are very resilient for being so cheaply priced! Ya have to try the Bass Pro Shops XPS Lazer Eye crankbaits, they are my favorite! Coming in variety of different colors, this crankbait is killer for walleye on inland lakes. But they also work just as good on any bass in larger lakes as well. Give your tackle box the variety it needs with a kick ass set of crankbaits by Bass Pro Shops. If you read the reviews on Bass Pro, you'll nothing but good reviews straight across the board.

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