Record Birthday Bass from Georgia

Wouldn't it be nice to catch a record bass on your birthday? Well that happened to one angler back in 2015 when they were fishing a Coweta lake in Georgia. Keith Watkins, of Douglasville, was throwing a green pumpkin Zoom Trick Worm on a 3/8 oz Gambler Giggy Head when the beast hit. But the giant bass wasn't going to give up without a fight, Watkins said it took him 20 minutes to get the record fish into the net. The bass fought hard, even going under the boat like five times. Using only 12 pound test line, he figured any moment his fishing line was going to snap, but it never happened. He played the bass out and finally got her in the net. On a certified scale, the bass weighed an amazing 17 pounds 9.6 ounces. Keith's largemouth is the heaviest bass since 1987, it claimed the No. 4 spot on Georgia's Biggest Bass of All Time list.

Record Redear Sunfish on a Throwline

Not everyone's into fishing with a rod and reel, there's still a lot of anglers who do handline fishing on the Detroit River. Just recently, an O'Fallon angler in Missouri caught this 1 pound 1 ounce redear sunfish on a throwline. Nothing serious to brag about, but it's pretty cool that Lucas has found a constructive hobby that he loves, compared to the other youngsters who'd rather sit at home and play all Xbox all day. The sunfish just got confirmed as the new Missouri state record for throwline, I'd say it's of pretty decent size regardless of catching it on a throwline. I don't think I've ever caught a sunfish past a pound! Lucas caught the record panfish on a private pond in Lincoln County.

Potential State Record Spotted Bass Released

What could of been the new spotted bass state record for North Carolina, was released by Fred Stepp at Lake Summit. It was the biggest spotted bass of his life, weighing over 10 pounds, it's said the fish would of dwarfed the current state record of only 6.5 pounds. But because some things are more important than state records, Stepp decided to released this beautiful bass back into the water.

At one point he did have the spotted bass in his live well and called the NCWRC to find if someone could certify the fish. But after seeing the fish struggling in the livewell, he decided to release her, he said "I’d rather have that fish's genetics continue in the lake than set a new state record." Now is that one unselfish angler or what!

Fred Strepp was prefishing an upcoming tournament when he caught this record bass on a 6.5 Yamamoto Senko on a ball head jig head with a 2/0 Owner hook. He caught the fish right along a rock pike on the way into a cove, Strepp claimed the fish measured 27.75 inches long and weighed officially 10.3 pounds.

Stepp actually lives on the lake, so it makes sense why he would want to keep the good genetics going. Next time he better have the NCWRC on speed dial, lol!

Largemouth Bass with Bowling Ball Belly Gut

Don't you love the bass with the big old bowling ball belly guts, check out this one taken from some secret lake, I bet it was Okeechobee down in Florida. The fish is huge, literaly does look like bass has a bowling ball in its gut. I'll see if I can find anymore bass like this, there's plenty of them out there, stay tuned for more!

More Pike Caught on 3D Rad

When I did a review on Savage Gear's 3D Rad on my YouTube channel, I had one angler comment down below calling it a joke lure. I'm thinking joke lure, after seeing the incredible lifelike action this bait gives off, how could you ever call this bait is a joke lure? Well after sending that angler a few photos of pike caught on the 3D Rad, within minutes he deleted his post, lol. Believe me when I say this bad ass bait works!

Mike Long Huge Bass from Dixon Lake

Acclaimed bass angler caught this 20 pound 12 ounce largemouth bass from Dixon Lake using a swimbait. The bass is said to rank number 9 for all time record largemouth bass in the world, it's believed that this was the popular bass named Dottie. It's gotta be tough crossing that 20 pound barrier, once you do it's gotta feel so good!

Humongous Northern Pike from Ireland

It's amazing that an island that sits in the North Atlantic produces big pike like this! No word what body of water this pike came from, but I'm sure it's either Lough Derg, Lough Growna or Upper Lough Erne. The pike over in Europe just keep getting bigger, this baby sure has some girth.

54″ Monster Muskie from Minnesota

What a beast, not much information on this monster muskie other than it's length and the state it came from. Just incredible, this baby is 54 inches long and was caught from a Minnesota lake. Imagine catching this fish and not having a net onboard, lol.

World Record Redear Sunfish from Lake Havasu

What do you call a panfish that's too big for the pan, lol? I guess a world record right, because that's what Robert Lawler might've caught when he weighed this incredible redear sunfish from Lake Havasu . The fish weighed a tremendous 5 pounds 8.8 ounces, measuring 16.75 inches long with a 19 inch girth. Lalwer was using a 7 inch Power Worm when he landed this new state record sunfish for the state of Arizona, but it's possibly a world record too! The current world record stands at 5 pounds 7 ounces, Lawler's fish definitely exceeds that!

Huge 38 Pound Pike from River Trent

One of the largest pike from River Trent and it was caught on a kayak. The colossal pike weighed in at an incredible 38 pounds, Jason Pardoe used a Sovereign Bass Harasser fishing lure to entice the beast!