Savage Gear 3D Rad – New Musky Lures 2016

Savage Gear's new 3D Suicide Duck has finally hit the market, so you know what that means, their 3D Rad is also on the market as well. I guarantee both of these lures will become the new popular musky lures of 2016. A monster catfish was just caught on the Suicide Duck, I can't wait to see what fishermen catch on the 3D Rad, you just never know what'll hit. There will definitely be some huge pike and musky caught on this lure, ya have to pick-up the 3D Rad because this lure can be fished both on top and in deep water! There's two different attachement points on the 3D Rad, at the mouth and at the lip, making it one innovative lure. I for one can't wait to purchase a 3D Rad myself and use it over on Lake St. Clair. I have a feeling it will work really well over at the marshes of Harsens Island and Strawberry Island.

Monster Catfish on Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck

Savage Gear's 3D Suicide Duck has finally hit the market and anglers are already catching monster size fish on it, like this big old catfish. When's the last time you've seen a fishermen catch a catfish on a topwater bait? This topwater lure works, dubbed the best hard lure of ICAST, I think the title is well deserved. I can't wait to see the mammoth sized musky caught on this bait once it hits Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canadian waters. There's going to be some monster splashes and chaos going on, Savage Gear better have some replacement parts on hand, because I could totally see a musky tear the feet off this lure! I guess we'll see how well the lure holds up musky fishing, hey if it works, I don't think musky fishermen are going to care too much! It's not easy getting musky to bite on topwater.

Enormous 52″ Tiger Musky from Hybrid Hunters


Joe from Hybrid Hunters just posted this enormous 52 inch tiger musky on their Facebook page, it's one of the most biggest tigers I have ever seen. Whereabouts are unknown, but that's totally expected considering the size of the fish. Many musky fishermen keep their secret musky spots on the down low, I'm not sure if I would of shared this location as well. She's one of the most beautiful tiger musky I've ever seen, nice design and girth to her. This musky had a 22 inch girth.


Team Rhino Outdoors Custom Painted Bull Dawgs

Head over to Team Rhino Outdoors on Facebook, they have some of the most killer colors I've ever seen in the Musky Innovations Bull Dawg. These colors are just out of the world, up to 52 colors to choose from, this soft bait is considered the best musky lure over on Lake St. Clair. I've seen some pretty big hogs caught over at Mille Lacs and Green Bay with the Bull Dawg as well, make sure you pick some of these bad boys up at our store, along with Team Rhino Outdoors where you have the largest selection colors to choose from.

















Michigan State Record Smallmouth Bass from Indian River

michigan-state-record-smallmouth-bassGod help us, a Floridian came over to Michigan and absolutely decimated our smallmouth bass record by Greg Gasiciel. Well not decimated, but Robert Bruce Kraemer caught a smallie almost a pound more than Gasiciels, I mean a 10 pound smallmouth is just insane! Ok I'll admit, there's a little jealousy behind this article, because it kind of pisses me off when a Florida resident comes over to Michigan and sets a smallmouth bass record in one day. That's not an easy thing to do, I've been fishing since I was 5, 34 now and the biggest smallie I ever caught was 5 pounds 7 ounces. Sure the smallmouth bass these days are a lot bigger than back in the day, due to the gobies and a better forage base, but man!!! It just sucks to fish for 30 years and have some Floridian comes along and crush all the smallies I've caught in one day, including our beloved Michigander Greg Gasiciel's record bass.

Just screwing around, this is awesome, I congratulate Robert Bruce Kraemer on his behemoth catch, hey maybe I'll get down to Florida one day and catch a record Florida largemouth over at Lake Okeechobee. They got some monster largemouth bass down there, the Florida strain bass are huge!!! But I bet this fish gave Robert Bruce Kraemer a fight of a life time, a lot better fight than any big old largemouth bass would down in the everglades. This bad boy measured 23.10 inches!





48 inch Musky Night Fishing

This musky looks bigger than it actually is, coming in at 48 inches and caught right at night. She's definitely got some girth to her, I bet this bad boy gave up one hell of a fight, Mitch Albers caught this big old musky.

Musky Trolling on Lake St. Clair

Last two times I was out, I had gotten skunked casting. That's when I decided to take my brother up on his offer and do some trolling on the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair. I thought we were going to crush'em, but we ended up just getting one musky on St. Clair. But ya know what, that was enough for me to thank my brother and his friend for taking me out musky trolling. They've definitely shown me there's more to musky trolling than what I've assumed, it's an entirely different experience than casting. The musky still fight pretty good and it's just fun joking around with friend, I almost felt like I was in the movie JAWS, lol. "Hey Chiefy!"

This is the original video up top, but in another post I decided to make my own version with a special Predator theme behind it, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it.

Giant Fat Carp – My God!

Have you ever seen a carp this big? Thing is like a blob of shit swimming around in a lake, lol, sucking up muck and pollution across the bottom. I never got into carp fishing because they're pretty much the most hideous looking fish I've ever seen, but I'll tell you this, carp sure give up one hell of a fight. I'm probably going to stick to smallmouth bass and musky instead of fishing for these fat fucks! Hopefully this angler puts miss piggy back in the water so musky have something to feed on later this winter, now that would be a sight to see, two or three musky tearing apart this carp on Mille Lacs or St. Clair! But I think this fat ass was caught over in Europe, it just sickens me how big fish are over in France, Italy, and England. Just not enough fishermen over there...

BaitCloud Review – Does it Work?

The main question with BaitCloud is, does it work? Well honestly from my experience I can't say, but after doing my research on the web and reading reviews, there really isn't a straight answer, let me tell you why. First of all, if you throw this ball of scent in an area that isn't populated with bass, how well is it going to work? Probably not too well!

If you're looking for a straight answer, the BaitCloud has mixed reviews, it's just either a hit or a miss. Some fishermen have had a lot of success with the product, while others have failed miserably! I suggest looking to Mystery Tackle Box for an honest review. What I've found out through my reasearch is, more fishermen have had success with the BaitCloud by using it in the summer time rather than ice fishing.

Here's some reviews that stick out for me! A guy named Kyle tried ice fishing with BaitCloud for 4 hours, all he caught was one pike about 50 feet away from the hole he droped the ball of scent in. Another angler named jimmy "tried a whole pack and they didn't work!"

On the other side of the spectrum, an angler named Bryan said "BaitCloud should be used more for summer, not ice fishing which is just a waste." Brad also claimed "after dropping the ball in the water, he had immediate results which created a feeding frenzy!"

A lot of people always look to for reliable reviews, but there wasn't much being said, other than a few comments like "amazing" and "thanks it works." I'd be willing to try the BaitCloud, but it's sold out till the week of September 12th. It's currently September 10th, so hopefully in a few weeks they'll have them in stock and I can try them out on Lake St. Clair.

After seeing how much a 3 pack of BaitCloud costs? About $10.99, you're probably not going to see many fishermen willing to fork that amount of money over for 3 balls that release a scent in the water for a total of 3-5 hours. A lot of anglers go out fishing for 8 hours each, that's pretty worthless if you ask me, especially how water can dollute anything in a matter of seconds.

Would it be easier to chum the water with natural food, rather than scents that are expensive and only last a matter of a few hours. For instance, I've been out catfish and carp fishing, all we had to do was chum the water with corn. Now bass, there really is not easy answer what to chum the water with, so using something like BaitCloud for bass might come in handy if it works. But for the most part, using BaitCloud for catfish or panfish would be a lot easier and cheaper by using real food! Anyways, hope this helps, good luck!!!

Smokeys on the Bay – 64 inch Musky

For those that question John Grover's 64 inch musky from Fox River, get a glimpse of him holding up 64 inches of tape in this interview at Smokeys on the Bay Bait Shop. I know the video still doesn't 100% verify his fish, but it gives you a better depiction of how big the fish was. I kind of agree with most, I don't think this is a 64 inch fish, probably somewhere around 57-60 inches, but it's still one magnificent fish.