Video of Headbanger in Action – Pike Photos That it Works

I posted about this new Headbanger lure recently and forgot to share the video of it in action. It's really like nothing you've seen before, the design is quite brilliant. The double jointed body and round head gives an inconsistent action unlike any crankbait or jerkbait on the market that needs to be twitched by your rod tip in order to give a somewhat similar action, all you have to do is reel this bad body in and it does all the magic for you. Just seeing this video for the first time made me want to order one up online instantly, so I could try it out on musky this year.

The only drawback is, I'd say it needs to be a lot bigger for musky fishing! But after talking with one of the reps from Headbanger, he did say they have something in the works. Now I'm not saying this 9 inch version won't work on muskellunge, because I've seen some huge musky caught on just bass crankbaits, but traditionally musky baits tend to be a lot larger. From my experience of fishing all these years, I'd say bigger lures usually do catch bigger fish. Here's some shots of monster pike being caught with the Headbanger, what an incredible lure, can't wait to use it this year on musky and pike!

The Swedes sure know how to make one bad ass fishing lure!

Custom Headbanger Crankbait with Rainbanger Color

I've been following this new European company called HeAdBaNgEr, just like the way I've styled it's name, the crankbait is completely unstable, erratic, and unpredictable. The innovativeness comes from its head down to its double jointed body, with every turn of the reel this bait moves side to side, up and down with an inconsistent action. The action resembles something like a panicky wounded baitfish, when predatorial fish see this bait, it becomes completely irresistible to them! While there's already been a shit load of pike caught on the Headbanger crankbait in Europe, many Americans have yet to use this bait in musky waters. I for one can't wait to use this bait on Lake St. Clair, I have a feeling this crankbait will be deadly on musky!

Originally the company had three colors to choose from, such as Rusty Perch, Firetiger, and Bluesilver, but just recently they added three new colors: Coward, Dirty Roach, and Blackred. They all look dynamite, but this new custom color designed by Jérémy Scarna is incredible! Dubbed "Rainbanger," it kind of reminds me of a rainbow trout, which I'm sure the musky and pike would love to much on.

World Record Wels Catfish caught by Rod & Reel

Angler Dino Ferrari caught this incredibly large 280 pound, 8 foot 9 inch long Wels catfish off Italy's Po River back in 2015. The fish took 40 minutes to reel in, if the photos don't convince you the catfish is real, be sure to check the video out down below. The photos truly do seem surreal!

Jimmy Houston Caught a Monster Black Crappie

This bad boy comes in at 2.5 pounds, Jimmy caught it on a Smithwick Rogue crankbait. Those long style hard baits tend to work really on big crappie, this one's for the record books Jimmy, not!!!! Always gotta screw with Jimmy, this guy is hilarious, always has a good sense of humor.

Huge Musky from Mille Lacs Lake, Possible Record?

The musky just keep getting bigger each year at Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. Just this past November, Marshall Hopp caught this 56 inch musky while fishing the southeast side of the lake. He was trolling a 13-inch Grandma crankbait when the huge fish hit, right after he bought the new crankbait on Black Friday, lol. Christmas came early for Marshall, some say this could of been a potential record for the state, but because he didn't dare to keep it. The current record from 1957 still stands, weighing in at 54 pounds, 56 inches long and a 27.75 girth. They estimated Hopp's musky might of weighed somwhere near 57 pounds, after wrapping a USB charging cord around the belly and then measuring the cord which came to a remarkable 28.5 inches. Another possible record dismissed because of a musky angler's act of selflessness. You can totally tell through Marshall Hopp's smile, he was totally content with just catching the beast and releasing it back into the wild. I congratulate him on an incredible record catch!

Bass Fishing in Alligator Infested Waters

I had to post this really crazy video of Jake Koehler and Scott Martin fishing for bass in alligator infested waters down in Alabama. This is kind of what I'm talking about with the fishing channels on YouTube, you just never know what kind of crazy shit's going to pop up. You won't see Bill Dance or Roland Martin doing this, however, you might see Jimmy Houston, lol. YouTube has really raised the bar for fishing shows on the internet! In one part of the video, you see a monster gator strip a bass right from Scott Martin's line. This is definitely one of the coolest fishing vides I had ever seen on YouTube, ya gotta share this one with your friends!

Record Spotted Bass from Bullards Bar Reservoir California

I haven't been keeping up with records lately, so expect a whole slew of posts containing some really large fish, lol. Check out this potential state record spotted bass that was caught over at Bullards Bar Reservoir this past Valentines Day, the pig weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces, crushing Timothy R. Little's spotted bass from 2015. Nick Dulleck is the angler who caught it, he was 100% certain the reservoir contained the next California record spotted bass, his intuition was right. Dulleck sent of his packet and scale to the International Game Fish Association for certification, if everything goes accordingly, he'll be the new spotted bass title holder in the state of California.

It's been said that a bunch of bass that have already beaten the current record, such as Cody Meyer's spotted bass which weighed 10.80 pounds from December. Then there's Paul Bailey's spotted bass that weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces, but because he couldn't get his weight certified, the fish was never counted. Dulleck's pretty positive he's golden for the next state record!

The night before, Dulleck stayed up late respooling his reels with heavier line. He accidentaly slept in and didn't get on the reservoir till 9am, but he still kept hope even though it was slim. The catch came approzimately at 10am, it was the first and last bite of the day for him. It took about a minute before he had the monster bass beside his boat, where he was just astonished with its size. The bass measured 24.5 inches long with an amazing 20.75 inch girth.

While Dulleck's been relluctant to share the lure he caught it on, he said he'll mention it another time at a later date. It was a moment of shock when he knew how big it was! They first weighed it on a Boga Grip where it buried past the 11 pound mark. It was a once in a lifetime catch and Dulleck's glad he went out that day even though he missed the alarm clock.

Ice Fishing with Phantom 3 Drone for Arctic Char!

Some anglers took it upon themselves to rig up a drone with some monofilament and a lipless Jackall Rattlebait, all was going well until they actually caught an Arctic Chair, and the drone came tumbling down from the sky. As one fisherman from Uncut Angling said, the heaviest he's ever seen a drone carry is 2 pounds, why he thought it would work is beyond me, lol... I guess he thought the ice fishing video would be worth more than his drone, considering the video has received half a million views, it must of been worth it. Supposedly this is his third drone in a month, lol, drone fishing is pretty expensive! A Phantom 3 drone will set you back $400...

Live Streaming Future of YouTube GoPro POV Fishing?

YouTube has become a big hit for amateur fishermen that just love to fish! It's a great place for fishermen who normally wouldn't make it as a professional tournament fisherman, but have reached the status of professional TV hosts like Bill Dance, Hank Parker, Roland Martin, and Jimmy Houston. While some of these anglers' shows are still popular, I think millennials just aren't connecting with them as much as they would to lets say Jon B. LunkersTV, or even 1Rod1ReelFishing. What's great about these YouTube Channels, they actually connect with their fans, share tips, and give more truthful reviews. It's really a whole new experience all together.

I grew up watching greats like Bill Dance, Orlando Wilson, and even the Lindner brothers, I loved their shows and learned a lot. But anyone who's watched these shows know how annoying their predisposition and favoritism towards their sponsors always got the best of their shows. You really just never got an honest review of a product, not once did you hear a negative comment, mostly because these fishermen were either in cahoots with the company they were sponsored by or they were just trying to pick them up as new sponsor for their show. With the fishing videos on YouTube, everything just seems more realistic and honest, I guess this our form of reality TV.

Another example is Bill Dance, while I love this guy and all, but did you ever notice how just about every episode he filmed was at a private lake or body of water that absolutely had no fishing pressure. Anyone who's an experienced angler knows how much easier it is to fish these habitats. Honestly, whatever lure he was reviewing basically gets thrown out the door!

And then there's Roland Martin, for God sakes, whenever I watched his show it was Spiderwire this, Spiderwire that. I really can't recall him ever fishing any other lake than Okeechobee! And don't get me started on Hank Parker, his whole show was basically one big ad, it was almost like a bodybuilder magazine, every other page was for selling creatine, protein shake, or steroids, lol.

I always thought In-Fisherman was the best out of the bunch, the Lindner brothers just gave out way more detail on their tips and tricks. And I loved the slow motion effects they'd add to their videos, you'd always see something new, from upclose musky strikes to underwater action of bass trikes. Still to this day, I think Al's show is the best out of the bunch.

When I think of it though, social media really has turned our fishing world upside down. There's so much more going on now because of the internet and popular social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. For the most part, it's been very beneficial to fishermen! Anglers are learning so much more in such a small amount of time and they're connecting with one another a lot easier.

The new thing that I have my eye on is live streaming! Now I know the technology isn't quite there yet, GoPro just recently figured out a way to use the iPhone to live stream with a company called Periscope, but I think it's still in beta. Just yesterday, LunkersTV was fishing live with Jon B, both of them received donations upwards of a thousand dollars. It got to the point where someone tipped them $50 to see Jon B. jump in the water! Is this the future of fishing? Very similar to Lets Play Gaming on Twitch? This was LunkersTV first stream, quite funny and stupid, but really they were just screwing around. Streaming live might have a lot more potential for fishermen, it's a different way to connect with your friends and fans.

I think it's going to be interesting what the future holds, already anglers are using drones for a sky view, what's next? I'm sure not everyone likes this new age of fishing, not everyone's likes giving away their hot spots and best fishing lures. I have a few friends that love to fish and have a lot better fishing skills than me, I've told them time and time again to try recording some cool fishing videos for YouTube, but I can tell it's not for them.

All in all, if it's not for you great, you still have the pros that do shows on ESPN and the fishing channel, but I think we're moving on to something greater, one day fishing may be more interconnected than we could imagine! I just hope those pesky Asian carp don't ruin it for us in the future, again, we just don't know what the future holds...

Savage Gear 3D Rad – New Musky Lures 2016

Savage Gear's new 3D Suicide Duck has finally hit the market, so you know what that means, their 3D Rad is also on the market as well. I guarantee both of these lures will become the new popular musky lures of 2016. A monster catfish was just caught on the Suicide Duck, I can't wait to see what fishermen catch on the 3D Rad, you just never know what'll hit. There will definitely be some huge pike and musky caught on this lure, ya have to pick-up the 3D Rad because this lure can be fished both on top and in deep water! There's two different attachement points on the 3D Rad, at the mouth and at the lip, making it one innovative lure. I for one can't wait to purchase a 3D Rad myself and use it over on Lake St. Clair. I have a feeling it will work really well over at the marshes of Harsens Island and Strawberry Island.